Rotterdam Port Fund and NIBC Bank to invest in offshore technologies

Rotterdam Port Fund en NIBC Mezzanine & Equity Partners have invested in the Van Aalst Group. This joint investment makes both parties minority shareholder of the Dordrecht based company, which is specialized in cargo handling systems. Using the growth capital of both partners, the Van Aalst Group is able to internationally market the so-called SafeWay system. The group has the ambition to become one of the main players in safe Walk to Work (W2W) solutions at sea, with this system.

Rotterdam Port Fund and NIBC Mezzanine & Equity partners see strong growth potential in Van Aalst Group plans for the entire offshore sector, including offshore wind turbines. More than enough reason for both partners to be optimistic about this opportunity.

Wijnand van Aalst (Van Aalst Group): “This financial injection by Rotterdam Port Fund and NIBC, enables the Van Aalst Group to quite literally take the SafeWay gangways to the next level.

About the partners
Rotterdam Port Fund is an independent investment fund aimed at innovating companies within the harbour sector, with a specific focus on The Netherlands and North-Western Europe. All of this makes Rotterdam Port Fund a valuable partner with a large network and knowledge of the industry.

Bastiaan van der Knaap (Managing Director RPF): “As Rotterdam Port Fund we are thrilled to team up with the Van Aalst Group. We trust we can bring a vital contribution to the expansion of this exciting company, using our knowledge and expertise.

NIBC Mezzanine & Equity Partners has been founded to support the entrepreneurial spirit of NIBC, and offers flexible risk-bearing solutions in order to help companies grow.

Robert I. Oei (Managing Director NIBC): "We have known the Van Aalst Group for years, because of our in depth sector knowledge of the offshore sector, by which we have seen this innovative company blossom. Given the current course and ambition, now is the time to get involved. We aim to be a partner for the management by helping them address challenges that every growing company will encounter at some point. Obviously Van Aalst Group management is leading, but we believe we can add value, given our knowledge and network.”

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