Under the motto Stay Connected, Trust has a unique relationship with the retailer


At the audio and technology fair IFA, held annually in Berlin, almost purely virtual meetings take place this week. All this made Trust, the Dutch tech brand with more than 1000 digital lifestyle accessories, decide to do things completely differently this year.

During this month, the company invites all its customers to individually participate in the very first unique Trust Digital Event, which will be appropriately named Stay Connected.

Because Trust has so many strong products with an excellent price / quality ratio, products in the gaming, smart home, mobile and home & office categories, the company visits the retailer virtually, as it were. Where Trust proudly presents the strategy, product line and marketing activities for the next 6 months. The fact that this method is appealing is proven by the fact that 70 of these virtual meetings are already planned.

Trust CCO Martijn Lutgerink: “Because the world is changing rapidly, Trust will adapt to it. In this new age, it is all the more important for our partners to stay in touch with customers, consumers, colleagues and family and friends. We would like to share our story with them and show them what products we have that allow us to grow both their businesses and Trust.”

“It goes without saying that we are seeing a paradigm shift in the Home Office market. Many companies have proven that working from home can be just as effective as working from the office. And as the leisure time increases, we have also seen the growing gaming market accelerate tremendously in the last 4 months. That acceleration is expected to continue with the launch of new consoles. We are proud to offer the avid gamers a complete gaming setup, from headsets to almost custom gaming furniture! "

With regard to the fact that Trust, a global brand with a local presence, can offer high quality at a very acceptable pricing, Lutgerink says: 'We are a lean & mean organisation. We don't have large headquarters. We don't do overpriced marketing. But at the same time we are able to guarantee the quality of our products through our own quality department. We don't let that depend on the manufacturer, we test everything ourselves. And if we find that this product is not good enough, we will not produce it. Or we improve it. ”

Lutgerink continues: "At a time when social distancing threatens to become the norm, we are more likely to think of social advancing. Developing products that bring people safely closer together. And the great thing is that we see that with regard to this philosophy our customers gain even more confidence in Trust.”

To emphasise the bond between Trust and retailer, it was also decided not to have the corporate video presented by models, but by the employees of Trust themselves. In addition, four videos are also presented in the four pillars of gaming, smart home, mobile and home & office.

At Stay Connected new Trust products are being introduced that respond to home working, such as a desk set consisting of a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, both indestructible and of high quality and low price. And accessories that involve the gamer even more, including a dazzling new game table, which is larger than the current model.